What we stand for

The members of the German Association for Association for Independent Knowledge Work supports companies in finding and recruiting self-employed knowledge workers. German companies have benefited for a long time from these highly qualified experts, whose knowledge and skills contribute significantly to the value creation of the companies.

It is important to have an optimal mix of permanently employed staff, temporary employees in context of employee leasing, and freelancers deployed on a project basis. Highly qualified, experienced freelance experts are ideally suited to meet the steadily growing demand for expertise from companies that can be deployed at short notice - for acute problem-solving or to cover temporary capacity peaks.

In Germany today, more than 300,000 self-employed workers are already working in future-oriented fields. This knowledge pool enables companies to use the expertise and problem-solving skills of highly qualified specialists on an occasional and temporary basis and thus increase their productivity in a targeted manner. Many of the innovation projects in the German economy would not be possible in an efficient, flexible and timely manner without the project-based use of highly qualified freelance experts.

Freelance knowledge workers enable German companies and public institutions or authorities to carry out projects efficiently. This is the only way to maintain the innovative strength and competitiveness of the German economy. As a result, the labor market, society and economy benefit equally from the flexible deployment of highly qualified self-employed skilled workers.

Our mission statement

We offer our know-how and practical experience from various industries and cooperation with large corporations, medium-sized businesses, start-ups and the public sector to shape the world of work for the future.
We engage in intensive dialog with representatives from the economy, society and politics with the aim to sustainably secure Germany's global competitiveness.

We support and promote modern forms of work and division of labor that enable German companies to maintain their innovative capability in the long term.

We produce studies, analyses and commentaries on independent knowledge work that highlight the important function of our sector for the German economy.
We present approaches for the future that will enable Germany to remain relevant in global competition with regard to tomorrow’s world of work.
We are your point of contact for all questions concerning the deployment of highly qualified self-employed experts.
We cooperate with other associations and institutions.